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March 17th, 2010 · 9:19 am @ admin  -  Comments

If you’d like to display a yard sign, fill out this form to let us know. You can pick up a sign between 8:30 and 5:00, Monday through Friday, at the Billings Chamber of Commerce (815 South 27th Street). IMPORTANT: Don’t put up your sign right away; we want to display all signs beginning Saturday, April 3rd for maximum impact. Contact us with any questions.

Current map of yard sign locations

View Online Yard Signs in a larger map

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  • philcoxpond
    As a parent for 30 years, I have always supported the local mill levies for education. Good healthy schools are the foundation to a good healthy local economy. I am a Realtor and recently I was shocked to hear of a family that is moving away from the Billings community because the educational mill levies have failed for the past seven years. What is this community telling all the residents by voting NO to these mill levies? Think long and hard on your vote for or against the mill levies. By voting down the mill levies you are negatively impacting our local economy by sending folks to other communities with healthier school systems. Vote YES for education. It is YES for kids. It is YES for the community.
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