The “Yes for Kids” Pledge

April 27th, 2010 · 9:17 am @ admin  -  Comments

You know the old adage, “Every vote counts?” Well, it’s true. So the Yes For Kids Committee came up with a fun little pledge to remind you that your yes vote won’t count unless you actually fill out your ballot and mail it in. With that in mind, we offer you this:

The Yes for Kids Pledge: I, (state your name), because I am a person of great significance, and, I might add, a person who is loved deeply by all who know me, and who is envied by those who have not yet had the pleasure, do hereby promise, I mean really, truly promise, to vote “YES” for the school mill levies.

And when I fill out my ballot, I hereby promise to do it correctly.

I will darken the proper circles.

I will not use check marks or Xs.

I will not erase, cross out, or white-out anything.

I will use a No. 2 pencil or black ink, nothing else.

I will place my completed ballot in the colored secrecy envelope and seal it.

I will sign the voter affidavit on the back of the envelope, and then place the secrecy envelope inside the voter affidavit envelope.

I will then attach a 44-cent stamp and mail it well before the May 4 deadline.

And finally, I will do these things because I care about our kids, our community, and the future of our fine city.

Thanks for your support, Billings!

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